Wo. GMail is a spam bucket.

Of the currently 24 messages sitting in my junkmail folder, 10 of them are from GMail addies. This is not encouraging me to give any more thought to getting an account past the half second’s thought I gave it when it first started accepting accounts. Of course, someone invited me anyway, but… eh. So, GMail officially joins hotmail on my list of blacklisted companies. Sorry to people who actually legitimately use GMail, but I don’t like green eggs and spam. I still know when I get an email that’s been caught by the server, so as long as it’s not blatantly advertising viagra, it’ll make it to my inbox, eventually (I do, occasionally, have to manually push a legitimate email through) and I’ll reply to it if it warrants a response. If you’re the paranoid type, then warn me before you mail me, or use an addie that isn’t GMail. I love free email providers, really I do. Unfortunately, so does joe31001 who’s selling replica rolex watches–I had a mailbox full of those from hotmail addresses a few weeks ago. Amusing, considering anyone who knows me knows I don’t even wear a watch… kinda useless, given the uh, rather… lacking in sight. Ah well, it makes me feel popular anyway, and I don’t see 99% of the junk except in a list of addresses and their associated subjects every night. Now, if I can just figure out how to make Spam Assassin block emails coming from Microsoft Outlook and/or Outlook Express, regardless to address, I’ll be laughing. God knows those programs are viruses with email client add-ons. Yay microsoft, and such. And… that’s the extent of what I have to write about tonight. That would be depressing, but I think I’ve filled my weekly fit-bitching and criticizing quota. If I’m wrong, you’ll know tomorrow.

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