The month in readership, January 2022.

I’ve been doing this for a month now and I’m still used to writing 2021. I figure that’ll change by approximately 2023.

January’s been weird, but the weird–for the most part–has stayed away from this space. I mean, partially because I haven’t been talking about it, but mostly because people haven’t been overly interested in looking for it–either that, or they have and because I haven’t been talking about it much they aren’t finding themselves here. Either way, I’ll take it. Still, the more things change/the weirder things get, in way too many ways, the more they stay the same. And that’s reflected in what people came here looking for last month.

  • 2012 was a not very good year if you were on ODSP. 2018-2022 haven’t been a whole lot better. And the bad ideas from 2012 are still alive a decade later. “Just get a job” is still not the right answer, Ontario.
  • Paramount Properties is still doing what Paramount Properties does, at least according to the folks who are still finding my issues with them from a few years ago. The second part to that soap opera has dropped down the list, apparently, so… maybe things are improving? Or is it more because pandemic so less fuckery?
  • You don’t hear much about the Canada worker Lockdown Benefit anymore. Probably because there still aren’t very many lockdowns. We heard a lot when it launched though–mostly because you couldn’t qualify if you weren’t in lockdown and well, no one was in lockdown. Smooth, guys. Real smooth. We voted for this (I did not).
  • Speaking of that second part to the Paramount soap opera, it’s right here. And yep, improving but not improved. I mean, get it together, would you please? Some of us have expectations. Minimal, but they’re there.
  • People are still trying to migrate their stuff to WebFaction. Which, I mean, I’m happy to help, but they’re kinda no longer with us in any form I care to acknowledge as decent. Now if you’d like to learn how to fire up your own Linode server and get the hell away from WebFaction, we can talk about that.

I’m on purpose trying my level best not to post extensively about either Covid or the racists that want to pretend there’s no such thing as Covid, mostly because if you really want to hear about them every media outlet within 50 miles has a camera crew on site. That being said, the racists being racists are local to me, so… something will probably be written if/when they piss me off. At that point I expect February’s list to be… probably a little more colourful.

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