Because them damn terrorists are just waiting to cross the border, you know.

The US must think Canadians are a bunch of flops when it comes to things like border security, and things like that. I mean, the fact that the conservatives are making us look pathetic on our own border is one thing, but still, that’s no reason to go way the hell over the top and start live amunition drills right in the great lakes. Neverminding the environmental issues this promises, I always thought it to be a neutral place between the ajoining Canadian and US shorelines. And, of course, there’s the fact that we *can*, believe it or not, defend our own goddamn border. But no, the good old US coast guard wants to start deploying armed ships along their side of the border just in case. Not that it makes a huge difference anyway. Anyone with any intent who wants to get into the US already knows the way in is across the US Mexico border. If you wanna start showing millitary force on a border, start there. Stupid freakin’ american coast guard…


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