Proof I did not sleep through my law course.

I know the stuff better than the moron acting like a security guard at the gate to what’s left of the much advertised waterfront festivle this afternoon. Me, my mom, and my aunt decided to go see what all was going on, since today was the last day of it and well, it killed a couple hours. We didn’t even have to go inside before the fun started–it was waiting for us at the gate. So, we show up, each of us with a coffee, and the ladies decide it might be more worth their while to carry their purses with them, rather than leave ’em locked in the car. Beats carrying loose change with them, and all. Well, turns out they were wrong… the nutjob we’ll call a wanna-be security officer thought it’d be fun to try making them let him look in their purses, *supposedly* for drugs and/or alcohol. Okay, no big deal… i mean, they didn’t have any on them anyway, but still. Never mind the fact he doesn’t have the authority to do a search, but he doesn’t have reason to either; we weren’t doing anything incredibly out of the ordinary, or anything that would *give* him just cause for a search. But, that wasn’t even the biggest part of the idiocy. This guy’s not a cop, and we know for a fact he’s not a cop. There was not a cop present. So, assuming he had just cause for it, he couldn’t do a thing about it right then anyway. As mom said before we got home after all that, family gets told to politely fuck off when they try routing through purses… what the hell makes him think he’s gonna be any different? The amusing part of it is he tried to argue his case with me–huge mistake. I won’t provide a blow by blow account of the conversation here, because I’m too lazy, but near the end of it, I was about ready to straight out tell him he’s more than welcome to search anything he pleases. *If* he finds us a real cop. Ah well, once we got past the one guy stupid enough to try and out-asshole me, it was kinda fun. The moral of the story: just because you took law does not mean you stayed awake through that class. If this guy had, I wouldn’t have been able to walk all over him like I did. Ah well, it’s Pembroke… stupidity is par for the course.


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