I did not sleep last night… I died.

I blame 5 hours of concert, bad beer, and the fact by the time we went home it was… considerably cooler than when we got there. But it was loads of awesome, anyway. After the concert we weren’t quite ready to go home yet, so we went for coffee and such instead, and got some of the worst service I ever remember getting at a restaurant. It’s one thing for it to be busy and for things to take a while… that’s understandable. But, it was pushing midnight, the place wasn’t that busy until we’d been there for a while, and the waitress we had couldn’t get her act together. By the time the waitress actually remembered we did have an order placed, most of our food was cold, and a few of us were on our third time asking for a refill on coffee. To add to that, all my mother ordered was rice pudding and it took 3 tries and a different waitress before she got it. Oddly enough, every time there was something not to our liking about the service, it was someone else’s fault; not the waitress’s. Like, again, my mother’s order, which she blamed the afore mentioned different waitress for because she ‘told’ her to bring it to us. Meanwhile, I’m thinking “Okay, this isn’t her table for starters, so why’s she doing your job?”. If things kept going like they had been, that different waitress would have gotten our tip. As it is we never left one… I was tempted to demand a poor service discount. Which reminds me, it’s a good thing we didn’t have a problem with the bill, or paying for it… she just punched in the information and buggered off to do whatever the hell it was she’d been doing when she was supposed to be serving food. We could have just hit cancel on the payment and walked out, and she’d of been none the wiser for it. We didn’t, though, ‘cuz we’re honest folk like that, though the thought did cross my mind a couple times. And it wouldn’t be the first time I ended up not paying for a meal. Or the first time I ended up not paying for a meal because the waitress was too ditsy to collect. But that’s another amusing story for a different entry. I just find it kind of amusing, in a way. I mean, it wasn’t that busy in there, and the waitress we had seemed 3 steps behind herself for the whole time we were there. I cringe to think what she’d be like during the supper/lunch hour rush. If only their schedules were common knowledge I’d plan my eating there around her.
In somewhat–okay, very–unrelated news, I swear my brother now has a new girlfriend. And, in fact, she happens to be the lap warmer mentioned in the last post here before I died for the night. I’m… not sure exactly what to think of her *quite* yet. I mean, so far she’s at least slightly more mature and less bitchy than the last one, but then, I had an English teacher in grade 9 who was less bitchy than the last one, so that doesn’t tell me much. Now, if they’d just get out of the driveway and go do whatever it is she came over here so they can do, so they can stop driving my dogs up the frickin’ wall, I might like her a little more. Or at least not get the urge to scream out the window for them to bugger off. Much.


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