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I wonder if the conservatives are getting the message yet.

Ten years is *way* too long to take to start arming Canada’s border guards. Not to mention it’s not going to help them any time soon, in situations wherein the RCMP get word that an armed killer is probably going to make a run for the border between Washington and British Columbia. And you just know he’s only making a run for the border because he knows they can’t, or won’t, stop him. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be working there after getting a warning like that, considering he’s probably got a gun and by law I wouldn’t be allowed to. And the US border guards probably won’t do a damn thing, because it’s on the *Canadian* crossing side of the border, and so doesn’t really effect them. Stupid lazy american border guards. I’ve ranted before, though not on here, about the rediculousness that is the US constitutional right to carry a gun, which I still think is both stupid and the exact reason why there are so many freakin’ gun related deaths in the US, and why it’s so damn easy to slip guns across the border–there’s really nothing the Canadian guards can do about it, short of turning them around, *if* they have reason to believe they’re being brought across the border to be sold, but with the average joe being able to pick one up in the US, that in itself is going to be hard to prove, I’d think. At least up here, they’re trying… kind of. Even though the gun registry is poorly implemented and should probably be redone. But… I’m getting off track, again. Anyway, yes, the right to carry a gun is rediculous. I’ve said it before. At the same time, though, the right to be able to defend yourself is to be expected. And if, for border guards, that means being armed, then for crying out freakin’ loud arm the poor bastards. If they’re expected to keep the rejects of the US out of Canada, they’re more than likely gonna need it. And in less than ten years.

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