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  • Getting things done on my own schedule could be a bad thing.


    I tend to take my time doing it. Example: it’s quarter after 11 and I’m blogging. Meanwhile, there be dishes in the sink, vacuuming that needs doing, and eventually, garbage that needs to be going out. Could be an all day event at this rate. But at least I can … Read the rest

  • Hey look, an update!

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    There’s a whole hell of a lot to update yall on, and I have no idea when my next call’s coming in, so let’s see how much I can cram into a small piece of downtime. ***************** I never noticed teenagers were quite that whiny when I was one. And, … Read the rest

  • … Oh my shit.

    It’s sites like this that really try their best to save the american people. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been to bed yet… but these people border on amusing. It helps that in the one I’m listening to right now from their list of podcasts at least 95% of … Read the rest

  • Insanity: my life summarized.

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    A whole shitload’s happened since I last had time to breathe, let alone post here, so I’ll try to squeeze it all into the half hour I have to write before my shift starts. Lessee… where to start. It would have been so much less confusion with a phone call. … Read the rest

  • Things I didn’t have time to blog about, a list by me.

    I can blame being surprisingly busy in spite of having 3 days off for this. That said, this post will not have any particular point… except perhaps that I finally got around to doing it. I finally graduated training… yay! Apparently someone thinks I’m qualified now to start taking phone … Read the rest

  • I get way too much email.

    I’m not even home yet and I have over 200 to go through when I get there. And that’s still… about 3 hours away. Oh le cruddles.

  • Training shifts, they are a killer.

    But, since I have to be up at this insane hour anyway, I steal something from Stacie’s blog. 1. I get about 1 telemarketer phone call on a daily basis. 2. I never call anyone after 11 at night. 3. I never call anyone before 8 in the morning. 4. … Read the rest

  • And on that note…

    I would just like to point out I have now managed, somehow, to cross the 500 entry plateau. There’s something to be said for having little else to do. And it only took me… about a year or so.

  • Writing tips, for the aspiring author in you.

    Pilfered shamelessly from Alyson, but primarily because I’m too goddamn lazy to actually write anything. Writing Tips  1.    Do not get side-tracked. If onions are the most consumed vegetable in the world, why are fire engines red?   2.    Avoid starting sentences with a non-specific pronoun. It is not a good … Read the rest

  • Does somebody maybe kinda wanna tell me why?

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    Okay, so… I can understand older people wanting to at least look younger. But when your 30 years old, or thereabouts, it *probably* isn’t a good idea to be trying to make yourself look good with your hair done up in pink elastics. At least, not to the extent where … Read the rest

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