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Things I didn’t have time to blog about, a list by me.

I can blame being surprisingly busy in spite of having 3 days off for this. That said, this post will not have any particular point… except perhaps that I finally got around to doing it.

  • I finally graduated training… yay! Apparently someone thinks I’m qualified now to start taking phone calls. Fools.
  • On a 3 day weekend, do you think I can just take one of those days and do whatever? How about… um… no? Came home Friday, then had various minor things to get done on Saturday, then packed up my crap to come home Sunday, then figured out how the hell I’m getting to work tomorrow this afternoon. Fun stuff, really.
  • I don’t know *exactly* how cold it was this afternoon, but oh my freaking god if it got much colder I’d be spitting ice cubes.
  • Murphy’s law has done it again. I get done figuring out exactly where I’m going, get inside, make supper, *then* the snow removal folks drop by to clear out the parking lot and such. Good timing, guys.
  • My parents’ place is actually quiet when my brother and his fiance aren’t there. Who knew?
  • And lastly… what the fuck? You let a guy into the US, in spite of the fact he’s loaded with weapons, just because he has a US passport? So much for border security, folks.

That’s about as much of a summary as I can give you, ‘cuz… well… absolutely nothing else happened worth noting. Welcome to my boring life as a Dell employee. By boring, I mean you don’t wanna hear about what we learned in training. I didn’t wanna hear about some of it.

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