So my attempt to blog more than once a week goes kinda like this.

Weekend starts today. The last time I’ll have Sunday-Tuesday off. Starting next week, it’ll be Saturday-Monday instead. And… so far, all I know is there will be… probably some coffee, definitely some time spent with the next best thing to a sister, and maybe some beach. Not a bad start to a 3-day weekend. Now if I can figure out just what I plan to do for the other 2 days I’ll be in business. Ah, who am I kidding? The rule is simple–whether it’s not being home for 3 days, or spending the next 2 sleeping, until Wednesday night at 7:00 when I head out the door, I officially have no job. And it’s going to be shweet. Hm. I should be sleeping instead of going out this afternoon. Ah well. I’ll sleep plenty when I’m dead.

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