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  • Redefining the BSOD.

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    Windows’s ever famous (or, if you’d prefer, infamous) blue screen of death (BSOD). Cryptic, irritating, and generally all manner of useless–even if you happen to be a technical person with a degree of somewhat impressive Google foo. Basically, a BSOD is a bad time. But with Microsoft apparently getting into … Read the rest

  • Windows 7: All of Vista’s cool, and only one of Vista’s sucks.

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    Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t see the user account control system as a bug. Sigh. Still, having done tech support for Vista, and then set up and rather extensively either used or seen used the system afterwards, if that’s the only thing I have to complain about–and so far, it is–it can’t … Read the rest

  • Confirmed: IE 9 is not for XP. Yay?


    Microsoft’s been on a “let’s find reasons to kill off XP” kick since the advent of Vista, let’s just get that out in the open right now. If Vista wasn’t a hugely steaming pile of crap, they would have probably done away with XP long before now. But, it was, … Read the rest

  • Why linux is for the epic motherfucking win.

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    From a thread regarding a speech-friendly installer for another Linux distro: There’s definitely interest. I’d even learn the process for doing that for the sole purpose of contributing. Thanks for looking into it, William. —–Original Message—– From: [] On Behalf Of William Hubbs Sent: March 14, 2009 10:29 PM… Read the rest

  • One more reason not to buy Vista: service pack 1.


    Things broke like there was no tomorrow when Vista first showed up last year. And now, Microsoft’s coming out with its first service pack for said piece of royal crapola. Now taking bets on just how sideways that one’s gonna go.

  • What’s worse than fixing Microsoft’s mistakes?

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    Fixing apple’s. What’s worse than fixing Apple’s mistakes? Fixing that which they already know about. For the record, I never want to get that involved with anything Apple related again. And this from a guy who’s got a well documented hatred of Microsoft. But at least their software doesn’t break … Read the rest

  • And yet, Microsoft’s status site says it’s all stable.


    Now that’s a cover up for anyone who doesn’t happen to bother reading the local news. I probably shouldn’t be irritated about it–well, or using MSN messenger either for that matter, given my already stated opinion of Microsoft. But I do. So this morning I thought I’d jump online and … Read the rest

  • I despise Microsoft Office 2007.

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    Well, actually, I despise Microsoft. But Office 2007 for specific reasons. Primarily, it should not take me, who knows his way pretty much around Office products for the most part like the back of my hand, an hour and a half to figure out where the hell they put this … Read the rest

  • My first official post from ye old reformatted desktop!


    Proof that, after finding pieces of wireless card that have gone mysteriously astray, and after repeated phone calls to Dell techs in a rather mislead attempt to get a straight answer out of said Dell techs, I am still the master of all–well, okay, most–things Microsoft. Except Vista, which I … Read the rest

  • Even Dell technicians hate Dell technicians. And Sympatico, and Microsoft, and…

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    Welp, as some of you know and others of you guessed I’m sure by now, the formerly Vista and now XP computer is up and running. Well, partially. No wireless network support and there’s still a rather lengthy list of devices Windows doesn’t have drivers for. But I’m slowly piecing … Read the rest

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