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And yet, Microsoft’s status site says it’s all stable.

Now that’s a cover up for anyone who doesn’t happen to bother reading the local news. I probably shouldn’t be irritated about it–well, or using MSN messenger either for that matter, given my already stated opinion of Microsoft. But I do. So this morning I thought I’d jump online and see what was going on. Except it was apparently down. Not that Microsoft’s status page said so. According to that, all systems were stable. Well, things that get media attention are obviously true, or so I’ll keep telling myself, so does the fact that CTV has escentially told us otherwise change Microsoft’s opinion? Nope.

This page will be updated when information becomes available.
.NET Messenger Service All systems are stable and running.

The error message on my screen that says it’s temporarily unavailable says otherwise, but thanks for coming out. Ladies and gentlemen, corporate snow job at work. Just thought it deserved mentioning. Because I do that when people and companies are morons.


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