I think I might have just found a decent use for AIM.

I very rarely, meaning almost never, use AOL’s instant messaging client, in spite of the fact it’s been sitting on my computer for the better part of a year. Probably longer than that. Mostly because, well, all the cool people use MSN. Except my family, apparently. In their defense, though, they are at least on Facebook–of course, that’s exactly where I rarely am.

Fortunately, for me anyway, I now-well, eventually anyway-will have even less of a reason to bother with the service. And more of a reason to stick with AIM. The next version of the program, which will hopefully be equally as stable, if not more so, as its current version, will supposedly include the ability to chat with people on Facebook via the AIM client. No, I’m not an overly huge fan of AOL–I’d of preferred it be MSN, but I’m not an overly huge fan of the Facebook website either. And since I still only go on there to play Mafia Wars, and I don’t even do that very often, I’ll take it. Who knows? Maybe MSN will do the same. Hey, one can dream.

  1. Any Jabber client can FB chat now, too.

    1. So I’ve read. Sadly I neither use Jabber nor know of an accessible client for it. Although, that may change if I can ever stop being lazy.

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