My non-gamer parents prove me wrong. And this time, I’m not cringing.

Remember that Wii I predicted wouldn’t get much use, on account of neither of my parents are really that much into the whole gaming scene? And, since unless you’ve achieved uber geek status, not being a gamer probably demotes the Wii from gaming system to glorified PC with a TV hook-up? Yeah, I think I’m brave enough to say I was wrong. I actually found them a use for it that doesn’t involve Facebook from the sofa. Like, say, Netflix from the sofa. Yeah, I know–I haven’t decided yet if I’m keeping mine, and I’ve already pointed them at it. They watch a crap ton of movies–way more than I do, even when I do have company. And there’s at least one TV series available that was being eyed up quite nicely by my father, so it balances out.

Since I already have an account on there, while I was over there for supper anyway I took advantage of the frankenputer to show them the ropes. They even took a look at actually playing a movie while I was there–and, surprisingly, had nothing bad to say about what they saw. High praise from a couple who rarely meets a piece of technology they don’t curse at. And I thought that was strictly reserved for geek culture–clearly, I was misinformed. They aren’t overly huge fans of the fact if they want to actually use it on the Wii, they need to order the disk from Netflix. Then again, neither was I upon discovering this fact but that’s Nintendo for you. Still, considering it beats the royal hell out of what Shaw Direct so far as on-demand stuff goes, I don’t think they’re about to pitch too huge a fit. So yeah, I can admit to being proven wrong. And hey, you don’t see me complaining.

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