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Wherein I again prove to be keeping odd hours. Or something.

I told someone I’d be crashing semi-early. ‘Cuz, y’know, anything’s possible. Except, well, that would mean I’d actually have to be tired before, say, 7:00 AM. Yeah, not happening. What’s happening instead, though, is I’m generally futzing around with semi-slow internets, and considering taking a 2×4 to the side of the head of whoever the hell thought it’d be a good idea to arange it so my various torrent downloads end up, say, killing the rest of my internet going experience. The week hasn’t *all* been technical issues, though. In fact, something I’ve sort of been wanting to happen for a while has officially been, well, made official. Which will most likely prove to be the best part of my unplanned but definitely not unwelcome vacation. In about 9 days, Jessica (samari76) will be getting off the bus in Ottawa and putting up with me for a week and a bit. Yeah, we’ve been talking for maybe 2 months, but we’ve gotten surprisingly close surprisingly fast. Either that, or she’s a real good actress and someone’s hired her to kill me in my sleep. Either way, certain people may have just labeled me officially crazy, seeing as the general attitude of the family I come from’s pretty much online = bad, but this is gonna be an awesome week anyway. So for people expecting availability out of me for that particular week, consider this official warning; I’ve just become significantly less. As usual, important people have phone numbers with which to reach me. Everyone else has IM or email. IM will probably not be answered nearly as often as it has been. But at least you know I’m not ignoring you. Well, except for a few people but they neither have LJ’s nor know of mine so count a whole lot less just by default. And now, I go find me some caffeine. Or attempt to sleep. Or something.

PS: Job status: still questionable. Nothing’s changed since last week, so there shall be no updatey goodness. Cope.

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