Someone really aught to tell this guy he ran to the wrong prison.

All over a trafic violation in Cleveland, Ohio, two guys decide they’re going to make a chase of it. It started out as a high-speed car chase, only for them to realize they probably weren’t going to outrun the cops. Then they thought it might be fun to make a foot race out of it. Ditch the car, jump a fence, say hello to a couple female innmates. Um, what?

Turns out the fence they jumped put them right into the yard of a female corrections center. Where, naturally, they were promptly, well, taken in.

I guess it could be argued they were just turning themselves in. If that’s the case, someone should probably point out to them they turned themselves in to the wrong prison. Hopefully while on their way to the right one. Apparently, a couple more guys who didn’t find themselves on the wrong side of the wrong fence at the wrong time were also arrested. So much for bragging rights. Instead, the whole group gets nominated for moron of the year.

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