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  • Want privacy? Get the hell off Facebook.


    I almost never use Facebook. I never actually use Facebook for anything meaningful. The reason? As much as online privacy is a myth, Facebook doesn’t even pretend to pay attention. It changes settings on the fly and expects users to adjust accordingly, it makes settings that were previously private significantly … Read the rest

  • That personal data you just handed to Facebook? Trade secret!


    I absolutely love Techdirt. Mostly, because they’re usually the first ones to break a story that, well, could really use a bit more exposure. Like this one, in which an advocacy group based in Europe is trying to find out what Facebook holds of your personal information, and what … Read the rest

  • Email is dead. Unless you don’t use Facebook. But then you don’t care.

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    Every so often, something will come along that threatens to kill email. And nearly as often, that ends up dying instead. And now, as of yesterday, Facebook has its own answer to email–and it’s even being advertised as something to give Gmail, Microsoft etc a run for their money. Before … Read the rest

  • dear Facebook. I’m not a hacker, just blind.

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    I was going through Facebook on Jess’s behalf earlier, seeing as her machine would probably die if she tried to use it over there and well, I was here doing other things anyway. Apparently, they have this new security feature put in place–if one can call it a security feature. … Read the rest

  • Please tell me Facebook doesn’t want to play fortune teller.

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    Excluding the hundred billion privacy issues they’re dealing with, now Facebook takes interpersonal guessing games to a whole new level. Apparently, its CEO has decided to perform his own little experiments and see if he can predict who folks would end up in a relationship with based on their Facebook … Read the rest

  • I think I might have just found a decent use for AIM.


    I very rarely, meaning almost never, use AOL’s instant messaging client, in spite of the fact it’s been sitting on my computer for the better part of a year. Probably longer than that. Mostly because, well, all the cool people use MSN. Except my family, apparently. In their defense, … Read the rest

  • The internet is not private. Live with it.

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    Not that it should really be a surprise to anyone, but apparently it is. Facebook made some pretty significant-sounding changes to their privacy settings about a month ago, further highlighting why it is I go through phases of avoiding the site. Michael Arrington, over at Tech Crunch, puts it … Read the rest

  • My Facebook MySpace resistance.

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    It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I practically live on Twitter, even if I don’t actually do a whole lot in the way of actually, you know, posting to the thing. Still, I make regular use of it to follow certain companies online, as well as … Read the rest

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