Windows Live messenger is going away slowly. This is your warning.

this probably affects about 3 of you, but you’ll have that. Microsoft has decided we’re not using Messenger as of about March 15, as of last update. I’ve decided I’m taking myself off it starting, well, this morning. I barely use it as it is, what with most people either catching me on Twitter or firing emails at me–that’s not counting the folks that occasionally drop by in the comments. With Microsoft replacing Messenger with Skype, and me having virtually no use for Skype, this seems to be the right time for bowing out. I’ll leave Messenger on for a bit longer, but since I almost never look for people there and–well, see points above, don’t be surprised if I suddenly and mysteriously forget to show up online. Want to get hold of me outside of Messenger? You still can. I don’t bite–much, and provided you don’t do something completely mock-worthy. In the meantime, so long, Messenger. Been nice knowing ya.

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