Fun things with comments.

Because everyone else is doing it (I’m looking at you, Ro and Amanda), I’ve decided to add a splash of trivia to user comments. Sadly it’s not a retroactive thing, but oh well. I’m a fan of drawing attention to me. It’s why I comment. Hell, it’s why I set this thing up–whether I’ll admit that in a week or not. But I’m also a fan of spreading that attention around. So, effective as of about 10 minutes ago, folks commenting on here will have the option–on by default–of having their most recent post added to their comment. Because if you’re reading this thing, odds are you’re in the mood to go wandering and see what else you can find. So why not make it easy? As always, this is kind of a testing thing–if it breaks while you’re using it, you can keep both pieces. Meantime, I’ll try and arange it so it only breaks on every third Sunday after a full moon. Now, to figure out what I did with that other thing I meant to post up here.

If a Feedburner falls off a cliff and no one notices, does it something something?

Remember Feedburner? Remember just about every website with an RSS link usually had it pointed over there? Were you reading long enough to remember when I forecasted its pending death? Well, apparently it’s still doing death twitches. I’m knee deep in RSS feeds (yes, still, in 2013–sue me). It’s how I pull together some of the stuff what ends up posted to the site in a snark sandwitch. I also use it to keep an eye on my own RSS feed (*). Or I did, until my own RSS feed wasn’t actually updating–which was odd, given I run a few things that require the RSS feed to work properly and they were still doing what I told them to. As it turns out, I wasn’t actually monitoring my RSS feed. Well, I was, but Feedburner’s version of it. And, as it turns out, Feedburner stopped pinging my RSS feed a few weeks ago and it just completely escaped my notice until I decided to check and make sure nothing in a couple previous entries produced weird and interesting results when fed. Which is also why when I hit the feedburner URL directly, the newest post on the list was somewhere around 2-3 weeks old. Of course, there was nothing whatsoever running across any of the channels I follow that said things were coming to a sudden stop, but considering Google had closed down its feedburner blog and Twitter account, that doesn’t really all that much surprise me either.

If you’re following the RSS method already, awesome. If you’re wanting to toss the link for someone else to follow, use this one. And if you were one of the 1.2 people who read this thing through Feedburner, whoops. But I didn’t do it. Thanks for reminding me though, Google–I knew I was missing something. Now let’s not go breaking anything else, yeah? I’ve already got to eventually invent a replacement for Windows Live that isn’t Twitter. Or Facebook. Besides the rest of the internet does a mad scramble type dealy when anything Google shuts down (see also: google Reader). As the kids say, ain’t got no time for that.

Feedburner was left for dead in late 2012. I’m pretty sure it’s kind of inching closer to that in 2013. And all it took was the damn thing trying to give me a heart attack and making me think maybe I up and busted something. Not cool, but thanks for the reminder. Now maybe you aughta mail the 2.4 people who still use it and probably haven’t caught on just yet. Hey–it’s a thought.

(*): Not like that, you tool. For technical reasons. My head’s not that big. Besides–all my posts are on Twitter if I really wanna see what I look like in print. But why?

Windows Live messenger is going away slowly. This is your warning.

this probably affects about 3 of you, but you’ll have that. Microsoft has decided we’re not using Messenger as of about March 15, as of last update. I’ve decided I’m taking myself off it starting, well, this morning. I barely use it as it is, what with most people either catching me on Twitter or firing emails at me–that’s not counting the folks that occasionally drop by in the comments. With Microsoft replacing Messenger with Skype, and me having virtually no use for Skype, this seems to be the right time for bowing out. I’ll leave Messenger on for a bit longer, but since I almost never look for people there and–well, see points above, don’t be surprised if I suddenly and mysteriously forget to show up online. Want to get hold of me outside of Messenger? You still can. I don’t bite–much, and provided you don’t do something completely mock-worthy. In the meantime, so long, Messenger. Been nice knowing ya.

If you’re reading this, I’m causing trouble with the family. Or dying a firy death.

It’s around that time again. Time for me to pack up my minimal belongings, drag the girlfriend out the door, and go gain 400 pounds with the assistance of family and a ton of awesome home cooking. Or, if you’re of a different mindset, time for me to kick back, relax, and wait for the whole damn thing to get around to exploding around me. Whichever. there will probably be half a ton of amusement. I may turn up once or twice to post it. But the real hard core blogging’s about to take a vacation. WTN will be back in full swing on or around the 27th. Unless the Mayans were right–then I’ll see you all in hell.

retiring Twitterfeed. Tho thorry, thir.

I’ve used twitterfeed for years. Since the days when LiveJournal was my platform of choice–so basicly, since it became possible to have what I ramble about in spot A be tossed on Twitter account B. But see, here’s the problem with a Twitter fed site. Sometimes, Twitterfeed develops an issue. Okay, granted, sometimes Twitter develops an issue, but more often than not it’s the middle man. So, effective this morning, I’ve sort of accidentally fired that middle man. What does that mean if you’re following the blog on Twitter? Well, see, here’s the thing. Nothing.

I’ve always prefered to bring things like that in-house, if only because then if something fails, I can actually see where, how and why it failed. I just hadn’t found a reliable way to do that yet. Well, until yesterday. It was in the testing phase, mostly because–hey–I’m braindead sometimes so sort of halfway bungled the authentication for my in-house solution. But once that got itself straightened out, away she went. so now, it’s the same questionable blog, with the same average or worse content, being tossed to the same somewhat tolerable twitter accoun. It just doesn’t have to wait for Twitterfeed to get around to it for it to happen. As I say on Twitter, #GoGeekMachine.

Note: If you follow the blog by any other means, you can safely ignore this post. I didn’t break it, I promise. That happens later.

Email updates 2.0.

We’ve done the instant posts as they happen thing. It worked. Or worked until it didn’t. Now, we’re taking it a step further–and saving a tiny bit of space in the database. Updates by email, 2.0. Get one post per day, with everything I’ve posted in a particular day–and probably a few extras. Plus, come right back here to take advantage of things that won’t fit in the email update. If you’re not a fan of the RSS feed, now, you don’t need to be. The link you need is on the left hand side. Or, just go click. I’m still ironing out the kinks, so things may or may not go querky once or twice. Maybe even 3 times. But it works, it’s an update type thing, and I get to fire a WordPress plugin to save space. Not saying no. Now. Who wants some?

In which WordPress changes their API, busts a couple features. Oopsies.

This site has comments by email. This site also has posts by email, should you be sadistic enough to subscribe to it–hey, a couple of you have, so it’s relevant. Or it did, until approximately 2 hours ago. You see, WordPress released a slightly newish version of their software last month, and one or two of the things that get some fairly regular use over here I don’t think were expecting that just yet. So they’ve kind of gone, um, squishy. I get to go digging through code later, but here’s a thing to keep a hold of–all your info has stayed put. If you subscribed to get comments to an entry by email, you’ll get comments to an entry by email–just not immediately right now, and unfortunately not retroactively either. Although, now that I think of it, your mailboxes might just thank you for that. Same goes for posts by email–although those, at least, you’ll get retroactively (don’t worry, I have sane limits on the amount of email this thing sends). The features still exist, they’re just somewhat temporarily broken. stick around, though–I’m not done twisting things into knots just yet. One of those knots might just fix themselves.

Welcome to the big leagues, Vomit Comet!

A long long time ago, in a reality far far away, Blogger used to actually be useful. When that came about, so too did a couple snarky bastards with a talent for mockery and making the stupid seem somewhat–well, okay, a lot–more ridiculous than it should. Then, Blogger stuck them the middle finger. Now, these guys are about as alergic to the word no as I am. So they grabbed everything they had, told Blogger exactly which cliff to jump off and when, and can now be stalked at will over here. And yes–naturally–they are fans of the wordpress. Welcome to the bigs, VC. May your mockery lead to much more creativity, now that you’re not also doing the you suck at accessibility dance. Now, for the love of cheese, please don’t bust the server. That’s my job.

This is a public service announcement, brought to you by Comments R Busted.

I used to have a validation thing for email addresses in place, in order to prevent folks from deciding to use or some other nonsensical and equally nonexistent email address to comment on the blog. Problem was, it interfered with users with actual, valid email addresses. Oops. My fail. Comments, at least on this blog, now do what they’re supposed to. back to the drawing board with this idea. If anyone’s still having issues commenting over here, let me know–something else probably went smash.

Mini friends deletion. There may be another.

If you fall under the following categories, you were removed from the friends list. Not that it should make a whole lot of difference, since I like to pretend LJ doesn’t have such a thing as a friends only option.

  • People who hardly ever post, and/or who haven’t posted in forever
  • People with whom I have very little in common with
  • People who have previously either removed me, or not added me back

If you don’t think you fall into any of the above categories, feel free to prove me wrong.


Email has apparently decided to take a huge ass crap. I’m on MSN, and trying to figure out who I have to ninja kick to get nanswer on email things, but in the meantime… if you’ve emailed me, you may not get responded to as promptly as usual. Which… hasn’t been prompt at all the last couple weeks anyway. I’m on vacation, whatcha want?

ETA: Appropriate tech people have been drop kicked. For the moment, email is again playing nice. God I hope it stays that way…


I am apparently not getting LJ comments all of a sudden. This as of… some point this morning. So if you leave something and it doesn’t get responded to, I probably didn’t see it. Prod me on IM, or in email, or something (it’s all over here). I’m not sure whether to beat my mail provider or LJ, but everything else is coming through, so methinks I’ll start with LJ.


The real post is coming when I get home. For now, advanced warning. Things are happening at the moment. Pissed off would probably be the most child friendly way to describe my state of mind. Do not email unless you want a snipped reply. Do not IM, as I’m still signed in at home. And you’d probably get an even more snipped reply if I wasn’t. It’s nothing earth shattering, just somebody needs a clue by four taken to both sides of their head. Twice.

ETA: The appropriate asses have been kicked, attitudes adjusted, morons drop kicked back to stupidsville, all that nifty shtuff. Still mildly irritated at the situation, which will be posted more in depth in the novelesque entry I’ve been working on at home since *last* tuesday. Meantime, I no longer want to make a special trip across the border to slug certain individuals.

New contact info.

Well, not really. More like years old and recently revived contact info. But oh well. I’ve made a return, unknown exactly how short it is, to both AIM and Yahoo IM. Call me crazy/sadistic/whatever. Or don’t. It’s all over here if you’re curious. I’d retype it all here but, well, I’m lazy. And it’s in the profile. And… yeah. If you want me, I’m reachable. For now.

Public service announcement.

I am officially still not entirely awake. Attempts at conversation that aren’t in person may for that reason unintentionally go ignored. Do not assume I’m pissed at you; if I were, you wouldn’t need to ask. End of public service announcement. You may now go back to doing anything else but reading this.