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If a Feedburner falls off a cliff and no one notices, does it something something?

Remember Feedburner? Remember just about every website with an RSS link usually had it pointed over there? Were you reading long enough to remember when I forecasted its pending death? Well, apparently it’s still doing death twitches. I’m knee deep in RSS feeds (yes, still, in 2013–sue me). It’s how I pull together some of the stuff what ends up posted to the site in a snark sandwitch. I also use it to keep an eye on my own RSS feed (*). Or I did, until my own RSS feed wasn’t actually updating–which was odd, given I run a few things that require the RSS feed to work properly and they were still doing what I told them to. As it turns out, I wasn’t actually monitoring my RSS feed. Well, I was, but Feedburner’s version of it. And, as it turns out, Feedburner stopped pinging my RSS feed a few weeks ago and it just completely escaped my notice until I decided to check and make sure nothing in a couple previous entries produced weird and interesting results when fed. Which is also why when I hit the feedburner URL directly, the newest post on the list was somewhere around 2-3 weeks old. Of course, there was nothing whatsoever running across any of the channels I follow that said things were coming to a sudden stop, but considering Google had closed down its feedburner blog and Twitter account, that doesn’t really all that much surprise me either.

If you’re following the RSS method already, awesome. If you’re wanting to toss the link for someone else to follow, use this one. And if you were one of the 1.2 people who read this thing through Feedburner, whoops. But I didn’t do it. Thanks for reminding me though, Google–I knew I was missing something. Now let’s not go breaking anything else, yeah? I’ve already got to eventually invent a replacement for Windows Live that isn’t Twitter. Or Facebook. Besides the rest of the internet does a mad scramble type dealy when anything Google shuts down (see also: google Reader). As the kids say, ain’t got no time for that.

Feedburner was left for dead in late 2012. I’m pretty sure it’s kind of inching closer to that in 2013. And all it took was the damn thing trying to give me a heart attack and making me think maybe I up and busted something. Not cool, but thanks for the reminder. Now maybe you aughta mail the 2.4 people who still use it and probably haven’t caught on just yet. Hey–it’s a thought.

(*): Not like that, you tool. For technical reasons. My head’s not that big. Besides–all my posts are on Twitter if I really wanna see what I look like in print. But why?

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  1. Yes it is unbelievable that people in this day and age do not change default passwords. I was also surprised by “admin” not being included.
    Great blog, and enjoyable read.

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