So long, Feedburner. I barely used ye.

Feedburner hasn’t officially been shut down just yet. It’ll probably be a while before it actually is. But Google’s definitely firing warning shots. The developer API for the service was killed off, limiting what people could actually do with the stats Feedburner hands you. Not long after, AdSense for feeds–which I used to use–was taken out back. It’s not a very far leap to say Feedburner itself is heading for an early grave soonishly. If you use Feedburner for your RSS feeds, now might be a good time to consider switching away. And, hey, if you need a pointer or 6, get in touch. I’ll help where I can.

One response to “So long, Feedburner. I barely used ye.”

  1. Thank god wordpress has its own built-in feeds. Then again, what doesn’t WordPress have?

    Can’t say I’ll really miss AdSense for Feeds. It’s been pretty much useless, in my experience.

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