Hanging up on Feedburner. It’s been fun.

So this is what happens when 5:00 AM strikes and sleep goes on strike. I was mainly using Feedburner as an excuse to tell people you could get blog updates by email. Yeah, it also doubled as my RSS feed thinggy for a while–mostly because that kind of went along with the whole email thing. But here’s what I’m not entirely a huge fan of. Feedburner likes to pretty things up. To the tune of all manner of extra links that really don’t make a whole lot of difference. Plus, when posts get updated over here, Feedburner has this nasty little habbit of not catching the update. Plus, really, now that we’ve got updates by email built-in, Feedburner’s sort of gotten all redundant on me. So, I’ve done the only truely logical thing–I’ve hung up on Feedburner. Those of you who follow the RSS feeds as linked to from the site will be automatically redirected to WordPress’s built-in RSS features–no extra work for you. Everyone else? The Feedburner syndication isn’t completely going away, hence why you can still read this over there. It just won’t get shoved in your face from this end anymore. So long, Feedburner. It’s been a blast, but I’ve kind of outgrown you.

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