If you’re reading this, I’m causing trouble with the family. Or dying a firy death.

It’s around that time again. Time for me to pack up my minimal belongings, drag the girlfriend out the door, and go gain 400 pounds with the assistance of family and a ton of awesome home cooking. Or, if you’re of a different mindset, time for me to kick back, relax, and wait for the whole damn thing to get around to exploding around me. Whichever. there will probably be half a ton of amusement. I may turn up once or twice to post it. But the real hard core blogging’s about to take a vacation. WTN will be back in full swing on or around the 27th. Unless the Mayans were right–then I’ll see you all in hell.

  1. Hey, back here at the parents with that pain in the ass James.

    Now to lock him out so I get all the pumpkin pie since the world ended and left me behind.

  2. So…who won the pie war?

    Merry Christmas, guys.

    1. James cheated and stole all of the pie!

      1. James did not cheat. May said she did not want breakfast. May did not get breakfast. James cannot be held responsible for the fact that breakfast was pie.

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