Email updates 2.0.

We’ve done the instant posts as they happen thing. It worked. Or worked until it didn’t. Now, we’re taking it a step further–and saving a tiny bit of space in the database. Updates by email, 2.0. Get one post per day, with everything I’ve posted in a particular day–and probably a few extras. Plus, come right back here to take advantage of things that won’t fit in the email update. If you’re not a fan of the RSS feed, now, you don’t need to be. The link you need is on the left hand side. Or, just go click. I’m still ironing out the kinks, so things may or may not go querky once or twice. Maybe even 3 times. But it works, it’s an update type thing, and I get to fire a WordPress plugin to save space. Not saying no. Now. Who wants some?

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  1. When you perfect this or get kinda sorta close, let me know what you did so that mayhaps I might employ such a system on the Comet, please and thanks.

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