More posts by email things.

So a way back when, I found something that sort of did the trick for receiving posts by email. Mostly, except not really. It sent you your posts by email, but you got one email with anywhere from one to who knows how many posts depending on how active I decided to be when posting. I’d experimented with ways to solve that problem before, one of those ways being what lead to me needing to rebuild this website (more on that in another, later entry), but they ended up not quite being what I was looking for. Welp, problem solved.

As of shortly before the actual rebuild process for this place finished, when you decide to sign up for posts by email, you’ll be given the choice. Get one email per day containing however many posts I toss this way during that day, or let the system email you every time I post something new and vaguely useless. It may very well end up being that the individual emails prove slightly more popular–I hardly do the 5000 posts per day thing these days, plus it may be moderately easier to actually make changes if I need to. But for now, both options are there, and both options are still working.

for my next trick: further twitter integration. Because hey, all the cool kids are doing it.


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