Posting by email takes a vacation. This might affect a total of 3 people. Oh well.

I won’t deny it–I used to get exceedingly lazy. Hell, I still get that lazy. Not wait ’til 4:00 AM then do laundry lazy, mind you–not yet anyway, but lazy. To the point of I’ve been known to see an email, snerk at it, forward it to a few friends–and then hit the blog with it. By email. Or, if I’m in a situation wherein firing a post up here via the website doesn’t work out so well, I’ll toss it in the blog’s mailbox. Such things are fun things, when they work. Recently, they haven’t been working quite so well. On top of that, while looking for ways to fix the issue, I accidentally ran square into a few sources who indicated some security concerns with the plugin I’ve been using to actually process those emails. Nifty. Except no not really. It doesn’t affect those of you who actually receive posts by email, but there’ll be no such thing as a random snerk from the cell or from a location that actually gets smart and blocks access to the blog while I go find the author of this plugin and slap him around a bit. In the meantime, I’m on the hunt for alternatives. And still more things to mock. And now, back to your regularly scheduled program–while I go find something else to blog about that doesn’t consist of “Hi, I’m in Pembroke. Write more tomorrow.”.

  1. Are you using the Postie plugin?

    1. I was. It’s fired, now.

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