Welcome to the big leagues, Vomit Comet!

A long long time ago, in a reality far far away, Blogger used to actually be useful. When that came about, so too did a couple snarky bastards with a talent for mockery and making the stupid seem somewhat–well, okay, a lot–more ridiculous than it should. Then, Blogger stuck them the middle finger. Now, these guys are about as alergic to the word no as I am. So they grabbed everything they had, told Blogger exactly which cliff to jump off and when, and can now be stalked at will over here. And yes–naturally–they are fans of the wordpress. Welcome to the bigs, VC. May your mockery lead to much more creativity, now that you’re not also doing the you suck at accessibility dance. Now, for the love of cheese, please don’t bust the server. That’s my job.


9 responses to “Welcome to the big leagues, Vomit Comet!”

  1. We’re barely set up and I can already say this is a switch we probably should have made long ago when we first talked about it. Sure beats patching things together with tape and strings and hoping it doesn’t come undone and fall over. I think it’ll be a chore trying to bust this server. it’s got some power behind it. Much impressed.

    Good to see you back at this blogging business again, by the way.

    • I should have been at this ages ago. Damn life and its being all lifelike. Ah well, I’m hopefully not gonna go doing one of *those* again. Now, to finish fixing what broke while this blog was being neglected. This could turn out to be half the fun.

      • Maybe it’s me since I am a bit foggy this day, but I believe one of the things what may have broke is the email subscriptions to comments. I’m told I need to be managed, but when I try to manage I’m sent in a nice little loop that at no point involves me actually being signed up for comments.

        • I’m seeing that. And the feature that lets you get slapped with a post by email. I’m working on the fix, just as soon as I figure out what busted.

  2. Hehehe. It feels good to go tell Blogger to eat shit. And man do I love WordPress plugins. And the fact that our audio works again. Weeee!

  3. Oh yeah. Functional audio at the speed of light or something is a definite plus. Worth the cash by itself, that.

    And yes, plugins FTW! If WordPress can’t do something on its own, somebody has built a way to make it change its mind.

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