Fun things with comments.

Because everyone else is doing it (I’m looking at you, Ro and Amanda), I’ve decided to add a splash of trivia to user comments. Sadly it’s not a retroactive thing, but oh well. I’m a fan of drawing attention to me. It’s why I comment. Hell, it’s why I set this thing up–whether I’ll admit that in a week or not. But I’m also a fan of spreading that attention around. So, effective as of about 10 minutes ago, folks commenting on here will have the option–on by default–of having their most recent post added to their comment. Because if you’re reading this thing, odds are you’re in the mood to go wandering and see what else you can find. So why not make it easy? As always, this is kind of a testing thing–if it breaks while you’re using it, you can keep both pieces. Meantime, I’ll try and arange it so it only breaks on every third Sunday after a full moon. Now, to figure out what I did with that other thing I meant to post up here.

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