retiring Twitterfeed. Tho thorry, thir.

I’ve used twitterfeed for years. Since the days when LiveJournal was my platform of choice–so basicly, since it became possible to have what I ramble about in spot A be tossed on Twitter account B. But see, here’s the problem with a Twitter fed site. Sometimes, Twitterfeed develops an issue. Okay, granted, sometimes Twitter develops an issue, but more often than not it’s the middle man. So, effective this morning, I’ve sort of accidentally fired that middle man. What does that mean if you’re following the blog on Twitter? Well, see, here’s the thing. Nothing.

I’ve always prefered to bring things like that in-house, if only because then if something fails, I can actually see where, how and why it failed. I just hadn’t found a reliable way to do that yet. Well, until yesterday. It was in the testing phase, mostly because–hey–I’m braindead sometimes so sort of halfway bungled the authentication for my in-house solution. But once that got itself straightened out, away she went. so now, it’s the same questionable blog, with the same average or worse content, being tossed to the same somewhat tolerable twitter accoun. It just doesn’t have to wait for Twitterfeed to get around to it for it to happen. As I say on Twitter, #GoGeekMachine.

Note: If you follow the blog by any other means, you can safely ignore this post. I didn’t break it, I promise. That happens later.

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