Writer’s Block: How I got on LJ

I’ve actually been here a grand total of twice. Once in highschool/college, on an account I hadn’t touched since 2003 until it was earlier this year deleted in favour of this one. I think, though I’ll be damned if I can remember, I was introduced to it back then by a couple people I used to regularly RP with. I lost interest in it halfway through college though, and went almost 3 years before picking up another bout of the blogging habbit (the end result of that is here. A little over 2 years later, clefurgey and I were conversating about why I don’t bother posting on LJ anymore. I had my reasons, and she was kind of all meh about them, so I contemplated making the switch. I’d started following masterofmusings‘s LJ about that time, and through him, was introduced to kittytech. And to this day I swear she wonders why the hell that was inflicted on her. After a couple conversations with both of them, during one of which kittytech and I got into a discussion of LJ versus what I was previously using. I decided to poke around a little, see what’d changed in the 4-5 years I’d been ignoring it, and the next thing I knew I had me an account. Well, now I had 2 accounts so the one that hadn’t been updated since a weekend I’d spent at my now x-girlfriend’s place had to go. And it did. And the drama free zone’s been over here ever since. A couple weeks later the ads irritated me so I upgraded to a paid account and haven’t looked back. I can see me maybe starting another blog elsewhere at some point, quite probably using the same platform I was using pre-LJ. Just not in the immediate future, and not for a personal one.


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