Writer’s Block: Divided Self

No. Hells freaking no. What you see online is almost exactly what you see in person. Worse in some ways. I’ve been accused of having very little restraint… see a moron, nail a moron. Sometimes, I epically fail at the whole diplomacy thing, choosing to instead go for the blatantly honest explain it in less than 5 minutes answer. Not always the best decision, I’ll admit. They’ll get over it.

ETA: Had to reread the question… it’s what I get for being half awake and writing LJ. My answer doesn’t look quite so contradictory now.

Writer’s Block: Dream Job

I’ve actually had several, but the one I think I’d of most liked to get into if I was able to would be to manage a sports team. Ideally, hockey or baseball, but just something to do with that aspect of life. Something to be said for actually having a say in the potential outcome of the game. Yes, I love watching both hockey *and* baseball. But I think I’d like to actually be behind the scenes, of sorts, for a pro team. I know there are several things I’d of done differently last season if I were managing my baseball team of choice. A couple players I’d of not bothered signing, a few players I’d of tried a touch harder to get. Oh, and I’d of ripped out 3/4 of their current starting rotation. Perhaps that’s why I’ve kind of been drawn to simulated baseball games like the previously mentioned Sim Dynasty…

Writer’s Block: How I got on LJ

I’ve actually been here a grand total of twice. Once in highschool/college, on an account I hadn’t touched since 2003 until it was earlier this year deleted in favour of this one. I think, though I’ll be damned if I can remember, I was introduced to it back then by a couple people I used to regularly RP with. I lost interest in it halfway through college though, and went almost 3 years before picking up another bout of the blogging habbit (the end result of that is here. A little over 2 years later, clefurgey and I were conversating about why I don’t bother posting on LJ anymore. I had my reasons, and she was kind of all meh about them, so I contemplated making the switch. I’d started following masterofmusings‘s LJ about that time, and through him, was introduced to kittytech. And to this day I swear she wonders why the hell that was inflicted on her. After a couple conversations with both of them, during one of which kittytech and I got into a discussion of LJ versus what I was previously using. I decided to poke around a little, see what’d changed in the 4-5 years I’d been ignoring it, and the next thing I knew I had me an account. Well, now I had 2 accounts so the one that hadn’t been updated since a weekend I’d spent at my now x-girlfriend’s place had to go. And it did. And the drama free zone’s been over here ever since. A couple weeks later the ads irritated me so I upgraded to a paid account and haven’t looked back. I can see me maybe starting another blog elsewhere at some point, quite probably using the same platform I was using pre-LJ. Just not in the immediate future, and not for a personal one.

Writer’s Block: Your Theme

Definitely “These Are My People” by Rodney Adkins. So much of certain members of my family in that song. I’ll upload it one of these days for your listening pleasure. Unless you don’t like country. Then I’ll upload it just to piss you off.