Writer’s Block: Divided Self

No. Hells freaking no. What you see online is almost exactly what you see in person. Worse in some ways. I’ve been accused of having very little restraint… see a moron, nail a moron. Sometimes, I epically fail at the whole diplomacy thing, choosing to instead go for the blatantly honest explain it in less than 5 minutes answer. Not always the best decision, I’ll admit. They’ll get over it.

ETA: Had to reread the question… it’s what I get for being half awake and writing LJ. My answer doesn’t look quite so contradictory now.

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  1. Okay, so … here’s my stupid question of the day: I’ve seen more than one person on LJ use “ETA” to mean something along the lines of “further update.” I always have understood “ETA” to stand for “estimated time of arrival,” which obviously makes no sense in this context. I did ask my friend Google for help, but she didn’t have anything for me. What does ETA stand for? (Now I fall down dead from embarrassment.)

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