Windows 7: All of Vista’s cool, and only one of Vista’s sucks.

Sadly, Microsoft doesn’t see the user account control system as a bug. Sigh. Still, having done tech support for Vista, and then set up and rather extensively either used or seen used the system afterwards, if that’s the only thing I have to complain about–and so far, it is–it can’t be too terribly annoying. Particularly considering I’ve already found the off switch. I’ll take it. Now, if Microsoft wouldn’t mind too terribly not breaking what, at least for right now, is a pretty damn good Windows experience, that’d be really super extremely awesome. Since it’s Microsoft, and it’s Windows, and we all know both their histories, I’ll go ahead and start queuing up technically related rants. In the meantime, this is making me want to upgrade *my* machine. That… could get problematic.

  1. just make sure you do it while I’m their so I can join in the beating of the OS. grins.

    1. Sorry, I don’t prearrange beatings. But I still think we should try to get MacOS running in a VM.

      1. hey, now, that could be fun, and cause loads of all nighters as things blow up, yes? grins

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