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My first official post from ye old reformatted desktop!

Proof that, after finding pieces of wireless card that have gone mysteriously astray, and after repeated phone calls to Dell techs in a rather mislead attempt to get a straight answer out of said Dell techs, I am still the master of all–well, okay, most–things Microsoft. Except Vista, which I will continue to maintain I will never touch for as long as it exists, lest my job require it to actually perform said job. And, since troubleshooting Vista related phone calls don’t require me to have a Vista machine in front of me… you can guess just how much time I’ll be spent even investigating that possibility. O’course, if you can’t, then… clueless art thou. A cluelessness the level of which not even Vista’s suckitude can hope to equal. And… that’s all manner of very, very bad. Hm. It’s 10 to 5, in the morning, I’m not working, this computer’s up and running… what am I still doing awake? Someone wanna tell me? Possibly?


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