Essays on blindness, and other random things.

It’s bloody amazing the things a person can find out when they’re not actually doing the work. A friend of mine (that’s how you shall be referred to on here ’til you tell me whether or not I can use your actual name, hun, sorry) was doing an essay for a college english course, and the topic was blindness, and whether or not it should be considered a disability. Now, admitedly part of me kinda suspects she picked that topic because she had a bit of an unfair advantage, but hey, whatever works. 😉 Well, in going through the essay with her, kinda helping her to correct it before she handed it in today, I discovered something a little surprising, and a little disturbing. In the span of maybe a week, she’d not only found a fair bit of information I knew about and used on a daily basis, but she uncovered a few things I pretty much had no clue about. Now, I dunno if that says more about her research abilities or my questionable ones, but… still. The essay must have been a good one, if it managed to teach a blind person a thing or two about blindness, no? It was *her* essay, for *her* english class, and I think in some ways, I ended up learning almost as much as she did. That’s not fair! I haven’t been in college now for damn near 3 years…. I dun wanna start now! LOL
And now, I go finish getting ready to go to a cousin’s birthday party… *mutter mutter mutter* 20 freakin’ years old, and she’s still been reminding everyone for the last week and a half that her birthday’s today. Did she expect 50 screaming kids and a birthday party, perhaps? I guess I aughta make a showing, anyway. Since it sounds like not many people are gonna be doing that. Mm, maybe I’ll get lucky and at least one other person will have the hockey game on that I’ll be missing otherwise. Why couldn’t her birthday be on Tuesday…

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