The things we talk about on a Saturday afternoon…

So an IM conversation I was involved in somehow got onto the topic of whether or not a blind man could actually own a car. How that happened, or why, is still anyone’s guess. But, in doing so, I discovered something perhaps too glaringly obvious about the system that regulates vehicle ownership up here. There’s more goddamn red tape involved than you can shake a stick at. Thank the gods I don’t drive…

  1. Um, not to be dense, but…why would a blind person want to own a car?
    Regardless, red tape sucks.

  2. That’s a really, really good question. I still have no idea how the hell we got on the topic, so it’s also a question I really don’t have an answer for. Ah well, just add that to the out in left field category. Right under half the crap I write about on here.

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