Why I love saturday mornings.

Me, mom, and my aunt made the ritual trip for breakfast, just for general shooting the shit’s sake and well, because we could. As much as I despise family gossip, when we do it it actually gets to be quite… uh… well, amusing. But then, we don’t go putting our own twists on things either, so that probably has something to do with it. It’s almost a shame it only happened once this week… she’s probably the one aunt I can actually say I’m close to. Of course, half of them are just plain irritating and the other half are brainless, and like every family I’m sure, we have that one aunt who’s just a manipulative bitch and there’s no way in hell around it, so I guess there’s a reason this one’s the one I’m closest to. LOL
You’d think, my cousins being more my age or there abouts, I’d be closer to them… but most of them have yet to get beyond the stage where a good time equates to driving at speeds somewhere around 3 times the speed limit with something/things of alcoholic nature in the trunk, and well, that just isn’t me. I rarely drink for starters, and the last time I checked they don’t give a driver’s license to a blind man. I do have one cousin who’s older than I am that I’m close to, but explaining that one needs an entry all on its own and I’m already way the hell off my original topic.
Anyway, we’d originally planned (mom and I) to just go grab a coffee, and pick up a couple things at the store, seeing as my brother was supposed to have been at work this morning and mom had to drive him in. Then, fortunately my aunt called, warning us to stay put… which was a good thing because, at the same time I was talking to her, mom discovered my brother, in that way the immature tend to do, had at some point while we were asleep left us a note saying he was staying at his girlfriend’s place (yes, the bitch who manages to make the english teacher I had in grade 9 look angelic). So needless to say the day didn’t exactly get started off on a very positive note. Well, aside from the fact we went for breakfast and he was just a little irritated we didn’t invite him… ha. Call it poetic justice. Or revenge. Whatever works. I’m cruel when I haven’t had my coffee yet. You’ve been forewarned. But, anyway, aunts with vehicles meant we still got what we needed to get done out of the way today, so all is right in the world. I’ve had my coffee, and I do believe in spite of the fact he’s an irresponsible moron, my brother may have actually for the first time in his working life gotten to a job on time. Or at least not 15 minutes late. On his own. *marks it in the calendar*
Plans for the rest of the day are still in development… I’m sure I’ll have something to actually complain about later. There’s talk of ending up at my grandma’s at some point today… she always gives me something to bitch about. Hey, I never said I lead an interesting life. But, you’re the poor soul who’s reading it.

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