On piracy: Thankya much, Bell.

Every few months, some huge corporation with a vested interest in keeping any and all types of media locked down–usually because they own just about any and all types of media–will come up with some ridiculous bit of reasoning for why we, as consumers, deserve to have absolutely 0 rights with regards the content we’ve already paid, sometimes twice, for the rights to access. And usually within 24 hours, half a dozen people have come out of the woodwork to escentially ask these corporations where to buy their particular brand of crack, as their reasoning more often than not would only make sense to the stoned or braindead. The folks over at the Vomit Comet have, as always, nailed the basic flaw in corporate reasoning, with their own example being someone I’ve mocked on here for any number of reasons previously–the guys over at Bell Canada. Their article, escentially ppointing out the wicked huge hole in Bell’s exclusive deals logic, doesn’t just bury the central anti-piracy talking points–it does a little tap dance over it for good measure.

Again, look at the internet. What have exclusive deals and limited access done? The answer is a whole hell of a lot…for the smart people who run pirate
sites. The pirates know what they’re doing. Here’s an unrestricted decent looking and sounding version of whatever it was you wanted to see. Yes, all of
it. Not just what this or that network thinks you should see because of where you live or who your provider is. Run it however you’d like, wherever you’d
like, whenever you want. All we ask for is a donation, and you don’t even have to give us that if it’s not your thing.

The article goes on to explain–not for the first time–that content itself will make a crap ton of money–if it’s done right, regardless what media you view it on and in what format. Really, with all the excellent points brought up in this post, you’d think they’d read these before. Still, it’s nice to see more and more people actually catching on to all this. Now if we can just get a few of those into positions where it actually matters. Any volunteers?


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