Convensional TV isn’t making it any easier to start watching again…

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. For years now, I’ve been watching slowly less and less TV. At least, watching less of it actually *on* my television. Before, say, in about 2003 or so, I used […]

Things I notice when I’m not quite paying attention.

So I caught wind of a hockey game being on tonight, and seeing as I’m not home, I figured… hey, they usually get more of the channels the game’s broadcast on. So I flipped around to the usual channels, and… nothing. Complete, dead, silence. Of course, there might have been a message on the screen, […]

More on a highschool version of me. Or, why they should never let me near bittorrent.

I’ve never been one to just on a random impulse pick up a book and start reading. Doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have an appreciation for a good tale, I just can’t be bothered half the time reading it. I’ve hread a few Steven King novels, seen some of the movie adaptations. Same with several […]

So I got bored.

And subsequently created scchronicles. Because, you know, as much as there are probably half a dozen communities already on the subject, most of ’em are just a little tiny bit too left field for me. So anyone interested in the series and actually possessing half a brain can feel free to join. Or not. But […]

And I can almost be ready for another work week.

I can quite safely say I had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Nothing new–I never make plans. Bad for my health. So murlynns_view calls me at the crack of 1:30 (or was it closer to 2?) and suggests we start walking and meet halfway between our respective houses. Long and short of it, easiest […]


Must. See. Tonight. If I’m not awake in time to watch this show (note to self: 8:00 tonight, channel 6), someone within driving distance of me has my permission to show up at my front door wielding a shotgun. And use it. I blame Anne for introducing me to the fact that show’s on. Hopefully […]