I really need to stop finding new shows to watch.

I recently this year developed an interest in a TV show, “Ghost Whisperer”. The plot was halfway interesting, the characters were semi-realistic–except for that whole ghosts thing, but hey, some people actually believe they can do that–and it was actually not something I ended up falling asleep to. It was also cancelled. Go figure. I’m starting to suspect it’s an unwritten rule or something.

I ended up finding another show of interest a couple years back–a recommendation by then a fairly good friend of mine. After the second season, cancel city. Yeah, definitely an unwritten rule. I’m just going to stop discovering new things to watch now. I’ll watch them after they’ve already been cancelled from now on. Hey, at least then I’ll know to expect it. That’ll show ’em.

  1. Thank you for getting GW cancelled. My daughter liked to watch it, but I thought it was really stupid.

    1. It wasn’t entirely a *bad* show, per say. Like I said, the plotlines themselves were interesting. It was just that whole “I see dead people” angle that kind of had me shaking my head. It was the sixth sense on steroids, really.

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