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Canada’s finally getting Netflix. Wonder if anyone’ll notice?

I’ve always been slightly jealous of my US counterparts, mostly because of the fact they had access to Netflix for DVD rentals and whatnot. And then I discovered torrents, and my jealousy took a small vacation. Rogers tried to implement something similar, but I do believe they broke it in more than a few places. And now that I don’t have an immediate need for Netflix usage, it’s apparently coming to Canada. Of course, the article doesn’t give an actual date, but still. I think someone’s trying to give me yet more reason to ditch the satelite. If Netflix or someone else starts streaming hockey and/or baseball games and doesn’t charge a small fortune to do it, they may actually succeed. Hear that, Shaw Direct? You’re on notice.

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    • Do you mean to tell me that Rogers actually did something that didn’t break completely on launch?

      Also: I was under the impression you had to be an existing cable customer or something with them in order to use it. I could be wrong, though–I haven’t been paying attention to them since I moved out of their coverage area.

      • The only Rogers service you can get out here is mobile and rocket stick – no cable or anything of the sort.

        Anybody can sign up for Rogers Video Direct. It’s powered by Zip.ca, another successful Canadian mail-order rental service.

        I recommend RVD up the wall. No late fees! I’ve kept DVDs as long as eight months with not even a return reminder.

        • Aha. Apparently they’re only bringing streaming to Canada anyway, and not DVD rentals. So, hey, if you decided you’d rather watch the thing online…

          Re: zip.ca, they’re in Ottawa. I interviewed for their parent company a longish time ago–they’re good. I may snoop out RVD if I’m bored.

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