Google Voice is now available to everyone; just not outside the US.

I’ve always thought being able to call and/or text with someone in the US from Canada without Rogers taking its cut would be absolutely awesome. Or, for that matter, calling the said someone for free from Canada without handing over mass amounts of cashola to Bell. Google Voice was going to be the key to doing that. Except for one very minor, yet very annoying detail. It’s never been available in Canada. Now, today, they’ve dropped their invitation only beta, and still are only available in the US. By the time they become available in Canada, we’ll probably already have our own equivalent service–that’s been done before.

Google, you’re awesome–when you’re not trying to annoy me with random tributes to Pacman. This idea you have for managing multiple phones with one number is equally awesome. Now, kindly be even more awesome and actually let me use it. Trust me, we can handle it. The CRTC may not be able to, but we never really cared about them anyway.

Google voice is available for general public consumption. Just not outside the US. Let’s work on fixing that, shall we?

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