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  • Forget workopolis. You might find your next job on Twitter.

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    That’s at least according to this article, which goes into some detail as to how a man who ended up getting laid off from his previous job found himself moving to Texas to take up a publishing job with a different company. As long-time readers of this piece of
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  • Twitter will remain independent after all.

    Seems they aren’t even coming close to selling out to google, or at least, not yet. And not for anything less than $1000000000, either. I dunno. Think they heard me? No, I didn’t think so either. Just checking.
  • No, Twitter, don’t sell out!


    Don’t get me wrong, I love my google, and I’m just now starting to love my twitter. But I don’t think I could get to love the idea of or something. I’m all about supporting the newcomer to the field. You turned down being bought out by facebook, and
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 16:52 A twitter post. Because I’m bored, and all I can think to say is dear lord. Which, without context is sort of… irrelevant/random. Oh well. #
    • 17:12 Apparently we’re going for barbecue at aunt Holly’s. Joy of joys. Because I like getting around cats to eat my supper. #
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 08:12 Methinks I neglect this here twitter too much. #
    • 08:25 Low maintenance dogs are awesome. Throw a ball for ’em once or twice and they spend the next 10 minutes tripping over each other for it. #
    • 08:47 Hey, HRDC? Help desk does not equal admin assistant, kay? Kay.
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 09:14 Awake. No idea how, but I am. And we have snow… WTF? #
    • 11:41 God help me, my father’s remodeling the hallway floor. This… could be fun. #
    • 20:02 An hour and a half looking for a goddamn Christmass tree at wall mart? Someone wanna tell me why I
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 11:18 Awake. Dressed. Dad is apparently buying breakfast. Sometimes, I love my famhly. #
    • 11:22 Okay, I’m apparently also going to the grandparents’ place. #
    • 13:32 Gonna swing by the grocery store, then back to the parentals’. #
    • 13:52 Or maybe it’s home via somewhere else. Zuh? #
    • 15:15 Officially
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 14:49 Wo, an actual update? … I’m not sick, I promise. #
    • 15:34 Hey, greyhound? DIAF, kay? #
    • 17:26 At trish’s now. Heading for Pembroke in a few minutes. #
    • 18:40 And now, takeoff. #
    • 20:59 We is here. And thar be 3 bloody insane dogs. #
    • 21:00 Uh. Make
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 11:20 @pawpower Wanna declutter my place while you’re at it? #
    • 14:03 @chellenator I hope it’s Las Vegas of which you speak. That show needs some serious saving. #
    • 14:06 @chellenator liking you a little more now. #
    • 14:08 @chellenator I do. Now I just like
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  • Twitterings of the me.

    • 11:43 @seekatrun You download the install file somehow. Or you just kiss it goodbye. #
    • 11:45 Awake, showered, and contemplating food. Go time in about an hour. #
    • 12:23 No trip to ottawa is complete without a stop at Tim Hortons. #
    • 22:37 Interview went well. The spontanious casino
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