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In which I have become a tween–no, not like that. Pay attention.

So the last time I was doing any kind of active blogging, Twitter was breaking things. At least, breaking things when it came to clients that were seldom updated and easily breakable. That prompted me to experiment with the Tween app for Twitter. It initially threw me, but I’ve started to give it a second look. Here’s the thing about it. It’s simplistic, it’s clean, it’s *just* a Twitter app–sans the 80 million other thinggies that make certain other apps more like accidents than, well, apps you’d actually want to use. Oh, and it has home timeline streaming–without 8 metric tons of lag. The tabs for your various feeds (really, who the hell came up with calling ’em buffers, anyway?) are laid out like you’d expect–they get the hell out of your way until and unless you want them. And if you’d rather not be distracted by Twitter–yeah, I know, yeah right–it’ll sit in your system tray and you can forget it exists (I’ve actually done that). Since killing the client I was using and running this, this machine’s been complaining a bit less. Translation: it runs on the laptop just as soon as i’m sitting in front of it. Basicly, if you’re not using Tween for twitter, please start using Tween for twitter. No, seriously. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see if I can find the top of my stack of twitter.

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