That public rant you went on about your x-boyfriend? Archived. Thanks, library of congress.

Apparently, the library of congress doesn’t have enough archived material. So, it’s going to start archiving tweets that show up in the public timeline. That means, that whole soapbox you got on about why it is your sister shouldn’t be allowed to own a car–you know, the one that took half a dozen tweets just to establish the background–now escentially belongs to the LOC. The archives will start pretty well back at Twitter’s beginning, in 2006, and there’s a rumour tweets won’t actually get archived for about 6 months. So, you still have time to delete that ranting essay before someone you don’t want seeing it, well, sees it.

Random curiosity’s sake: apparently, this is the first recorded public tweet that’s likely to end up archived. Yep, we’ve all just made history. Go us.

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