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Long overdue changes: CAPTCHA goes away, proper email notifications happen.

This will please some of the more accessibility-minded folks who come across this thing for reasons known only to them. For ages, since the reinstall of 2014, I’ve run this site with several antiproblem features in place–up to and including CAPTCHAs on just about anything where user input might be expected. This came with its own set of problems, and that was meant to be a temporary fix while I made damn sure the issues that caused the reinstall of 2014 didn’t reoccur. I figure just about 3 years is temporary enough. And so, with the issues of 2014 well behind me, I pushed the CAPTCHA be gone button. It’s been running sans CAPTCHA for a stretch, now, and nothing’s broken, so we’ll just be staying away from that for the foreseeable future.

And since I was in here messing about with things anyway, two more very minor things have happened.

  • The old daily email notification system has been retired. The page was horribly broken anyway, and my own testing showed it fell over more often than it did what it was supposed to. The 3 of you using that system will still get your emails, but that’s all she wrote.
  • In its place, I’ve fixed and reimplemented the ability to receive individual posts by email–just in case, you know, folks still aren’t entirely sure what this RSS thing’s all about. For those who know and would prefer it, the RSS feeds are a little bit more noticeable now.

In short, stuff was broken. It now, probably, isn’t. Unless I need more caffeine, at which point oops. And just like that, this thing that sucks probably sucks a little bit less. Next time, perhaps I’ll look twice before I hit the red button.

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