My headache, let me share it.

Welp, the internet connectivity problems of the past couple days continued yesterday. I spent 3 hours and a bit fighting with it yesterday morning, got it connected, and after making a phone call and flexing my newly reconnected interwebs for a couple hours, I shuffled off to bed. When next I woke up, guess what wasn’t playing nice, yet again? I had no interwebs. The rat bastard modem had dropped the ball for the 5 billionth time. I’d do my usual thing of powercycle, kill the router, plug directly into the modem, and try the web interface. Notta. Then I’d powercycle it again, restart the computer, and I’d have a connection. I’d reconfigure the modem as, yet again, it had forgotten my settings (by the way, another tech support person told me powercycling won’t result in losing my settings–well, shouldn’t, anyway–and as evidenced by the fact it hasn’t before, I’m inclined to believe him), and I’d be connected. For… 10 minutes, or less. So after placing another call in to TekSavvy, and telling them everything I’ve already done to try and fix the problem on this end (trying to factory reset a Speed Touch 516 is queen bitch, just FYI), they agreed with me this modem’s on the borderline of being finished. So, I’ll probably spend most of my time offline except for instances wherein I can get this modem to cooperate with me, at least until I can get my hands on a replacement. I’m told it shouldn’t be longer than a week, but we know how courier companies are. And I *think* they use Purolator, so God only knows. But at least the problem’s been nailed down. Now I’m just afraid to go to sleep lest this damn thing fall sideways on me again. Ah well, I’ve just run out of caffeine so sleep it is. If I suddenly don’t show up online and I’m needed, people have my phone numbers. Those that don’t, cope or ask someone that does.


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