Why thank you, Bell.

In order to address my issues with not being able to keep a stable connection to Bell’s ever so craptastical intarwebz, they have graciously lowered my maximum connection speed in an attempt to stabilize things. Roughly translated: Don’t ask me to download anything for you until I switch ISPs. Now it’s officially at a crawl. How that does for the connection’s anyone’s guess. But gee, at least Bell’s looking out for its customers. Oh, and, did I mention I’m cancelling my service with them for a flakey connection among other things? Yes, I do believe I did, once or twice. It’s 12:30. I should probably consider sleeping. Instead, I’m gonna go play knock the Indian tech support around for an hour or so. Anyone wanna watch?

Edit: Didn’t even take half that, and I managed to blow right by a tech support moron and a supervisor. Now tomorrow I’ll call someone who can actually afford to buy a clue.

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