Rogers wants to say they have the fastest network? Let me test it. Bell, you too.

Every second or third day, now that I’m watching more on TV lately–hey, the olympics are on–I’ve been seeing ads from both Bell and Rogers, both saying their internet’s the fastest for doing blah blah blah because of blah blah blah. I’ve used Bell’s Sympatico high-speed service. Have not, admittedly, used Rogers’s offering–but if it’s as broken as their other network, that might be a good thing. Still, at least one of those advertisements is lying. Most likely both.

I have a solution. Let me test, at their best, both network technologies–Bell’s, and Rogers’s. Provide me 30 days of each to switch back and forth between, and we’ll figure out which is actually faster, if any. If neither is, then you can both shut up about it. That has the added benefit of getting Rogers service into Pembroke, where it currently has no cable coverage–in spite of the fact we see plenty of advertising from them. If that offer doesn’t work, then neither company has the right to defend their claims in any kind of battle, court or otherwise. I dunno, I think that’s pretty damn fair.

And hey, if DreamHost will let me, maybe I can see about taking care of their issues while I’m at it. Couldn’t hurt to suggest it, anyway.

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