Wo. Rogers and Bell are actually trying something useful.

And they’ve announced it without biting one another’s heads off. have I stepped into an alternate universe? Apparently, they’re both in the starter stages of trying out LTE on their cell networks. For serious. LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, in Canada? Potentially 100 mbit/sec download speeds–on your freaking cell phone? And just when I actually sort of almost got caught up with current tech trends. Oh, and hey look, we’re actually playing around with something the US hasn’t already had for 5-10 years–Verizon’s only just now rolling theirs out. Yeah, this must be one of those alternate universe things. Now let’s see if in a year I can actually use any of the phones that are supposed to run on this network. But hey, the prospect is kind of halfway to nifty. I think I’ll hang onto that.

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