Have bluetooth, will keyboard. Again.

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. Folks who’ve been following me a while will remember me writing about this device. For those that haven’t and don’t, a short summary. Thinkgeek goes bluetooth keyboard, and I almost […]

Verizon breaks your phone, charges $20 extra to fix it.

Just when you think “Hey, a feature I can actually find a use for”, your local phone company things “Hey, a feature I can find a price for”. Latest example? Verizon. Certain android phones sold by the company come with the ability to be used as a wireless hotspot, not unlike the iPhone on any […]

I don’t think I’ll fall in love with this iPhone.

I was out doing things that needed doing, that will eventually warrant their own entry if I ever get around to doing something that doesn’t involve news article mockery, and I got to where I needed to do the mobile version of multitasking. Which, for those who don’t do it very often, involves doing something […]

Guest Post: Welcome to open communication, pizza pizza.

Blog author’s note: the below content is a guest contribution. Any responses will, if nothing goes and breaks, go directly to the post’s author and not to me. If you would like to contribute to the blog, contact me to discuss the possibility. I love pizza, and hey, so does the owner of this here […]

Verizon gets to end up with the iPhone. I’m sorry.

Verizon’s been building up over the last week to this supposedly major announcement to happen today. Today came and went, and the biggest thing to come out of that announcement? The iPhone. Naturally, there’s a sort of but not really appropriate level of fanpeopleism over it–it’s an Apple product; what’d you expect? Or rather, it’s […]

Verizon borrows a play from Rogers’s book. Anyone surprised?

The next time I bitch about my cell phone bill going up while my service takes a giant crap, somebody remind me about this guy. Currently, he’s on a 5 GB data plan with Verizon for $60/month. According to Verizon’s website, there’s nothihg nigher. According to most of Verizon’s available resources–at least, those this poor […]

Wo. Rogers and Bell are actually trying something useful.

And they’ve announced it without biting one another’s heads off. have I stepped into an alternate universe? Apparently, they’re both in the starter stages of trying out LTE on their cell networks. For serious. LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, in Canada? Potentially 100 mbit/sec download speeds–on your freaking cell phone? And just when […]

Just the kind of subliminal messaging I don’t need. Damn you, ThinkGeek.

I’ve always maintained one of my chief reasons for not buying an iPhone, aside from the walled garden that is Apple, is its lack of a physical keyboard. I’m not a fan of carrying any more than I absolutely have to–this includes such things as an extra keyboard for the sole purpose of not wanting […]

Volunteering my life away. Or, rather, trying to.

Last year, I had an opportunity to take a shot at participating in a survey for the general accessibility of certain features of then current cell phone models. If I’m not mistaken, it focused almost entirely on the ability to make payments for certain things via your cell phone, among other things. My name was […]

Unexpected Victoria day cellebrations, and fun with .wav files.

Sometimes, my apartment has the weirdest benefits. I blame living in a small town. I was treated to a rather unplanned–at least, I didn’t plan it–fireworks show for the May two-four weekend. Or, as we call it up here, the Victoria day weekend. It didn’t last entirely too long, but it was vaguely entertaining. Kinda […]

In which James discovers, not for the first time, that Rogers is broken.

For a little over a week, I’ve been at my parents’ place keeping an eye on things while they go do the skipping the country thing. A couple days ago, I temporarily expanded my house sitting operation to include my aunt’s place, while they took care of something about 1.5 hours away–someone still had to […]

Giving that new phone thing a try again.

One of the things I’ve been working at trying to accomplish before the move (more on that later), and haven’t actually managed to accomplish yet, is the replacement of my old Nokia phone–specificly, the 6682. I tried once before, but the folks over at Rogers’s sales department seem to have a bit of a hearing […]